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“Good jazz drummers offer firm grounding for adventurous music. Great ones open up altogether fresh landscapes. Andrew Cyrille fits comfortably in the latter category.” – Larry Blumenfeld |The Wall Street Journal



© Photo by Dominik Huber 


Lebroba Cover ECM

"Cyrille underscores Lebroba with a combination of grace, Zen-like restraint and authority."

Best Albums of 2018 Downbeat



AC-Music Delivery Intakt.jpeg

Available Now! Music Delivery/Percussion INTAKT
"The master of African-American rhythms, “making the real magic…the real rhythms…the real sounds… expanding his African/Haitian roots…surfing the drums for masterful lyrical snippets…a master of color …painting coloring riffing always stretchin’ searchin’ lookin’ for that next sound color sound!” Oliver Lake, The Real Cyrille


2020 Doris Duke Artist The Doris Duke Artist Awards invest in exemplary individual artists in contemporary dance, jazz, theater and related interdisciplinary work who have demonstrated their artistic vitality and commitment to their field. The award is a deep investment in the potential of dedicated performing artists, empowering them through the freedom of unrestricted support to take creative risks, explore new ideas and pay for important professional and personal needs. Read more at The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation 

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