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"Cyrille has learned all about jazz’s rich complexities – and then sought to distil them into ever simpler essentials in projects of his own. ...[The News is] right up there among ECM Records’ entrancing understatements."   The Guardian

Music Delivery/Percussion

Andrew Cyrille - Solo  (Intakt Records / Switzerland)

The Emerald Duets

Wadada Leo Smith, Andrew Cyrille (Duo) (TUM Box 006 / Finland


Andrew Cyrille, Elliott Sharp, Richard Teitelbaum, (Infrequent Seams IS -1047)

Two Centuries

Qasim Naqvi, Wadada Leo Smith, Andrew Cyrille  (Red Hook Records RH 1002)

The Center Will Hold

Steve Swell -Trb., featuring Andrew Cyrille (MW Records  1006-2 / Poland)

2 Blues For Cecil

Andrew Cyrille w. B.Frisell, D.Virelles, B.Street (ECM Records 2681 / Germany)

The News

Andrew Cyrille w. B.Frisell, D.Virelles, B.Street (ECM Records 2681 / Germany)

The Contact

Andrew Cyrille & Armando Batiston-Pn. (Splach Records COH 1510.2 / Italy)


Dave Douglas w. Andrew Cyrille & Uri Caine  (GRE-CD-1071, Greenleaf Music Inc.)


Andrew Cyrille w. Wadada Ledo Smith & Bill Frisell (ECM 2589 Germany)

The Art of Perelman-Shipp, Dion Vol. 7

Special Guest, Andrew Cyrille (Leo Records CD LR 799 England)

Visiting Texture

TRIO 3, Andrew Cyrille, Reggie Workman, Oliver Lake (INTAKT Records CD 282 / Switzerland)

The Declaration of Musical Independence

Andrew Cyrille w. B.Frisell, R.Teitelbaum, B.Street (ECM 2430)


Andrew Cyrille & Bill McHenry (Sunnyside Records SSC 1429)


Ben Monder, w./ Andrew Cyrille, Paul Motian, Pete Rende (ECM Records 2421 4719555/Germany)

Song For A New Decade

M. Inannen, Wm. Parker, Andrew Cyrille (TUM Records CD 042-2 / Finland)

Drop Your Plans

Bambi Pang Pang / A Cyrille, S Gebruers, V Perdeus, L Smet (El Negocito Records / Belgium)

Andrew Cyrille Duology

Michael Marcus-T.Sax, Ted Daniel-Trpt. (Jasswerkstaat CD 123 (Germany)

Andrew Cyrille 7 CD Set

Complete Remastered on Black Saint & Soul Note Records BXS 1023  (Italy)

Strings Revisited

J Altonen, A Cyrille, Reggie Workman, O Donner with Avanti Chamber Orchestra (TUM CD 003 / Finland)

The Group Live

A. Abdullah, M. Brown, B. Bang, Sirone, F. Hopkins, Andrew Cyrille (No Business CD 50  Lithuania)


Juhani Altonen, Regge Workman, Andrew Cyrille (TUM CD 007 / Finland)

City of Asylum

Eric Revis, Andrew Cyrille, Kris Davis (Clean Feed CD CF277CD)


Sophia Domechich-Pn., Mark Helias, Andrew Cyrille (Marge CD 51 / France)


S. Kjaergaard, B.Street, Andrew Cyrille (2014 ILK215LP / Denmark) 


Rudolph Dasek, Andrew Cyrille, Karel Ruuzika, Zbigniew Wegehaupt (Supraphone 1115    3279H / Czechoslovakia)


D.Virelles, Andrew Cyrille, B.Street, R.Diaz, A.Lescay, (Pi Records 146)

Haitian  Fascination/Route de Freres

Andrew Cyrille, H. Blueitt, A. Pascal, L. Atkinson, F. Augustin, (TUM CD 027 / Finland)

Celebrating Mary Lou Williams, Live At Birdland

Trio3+ Geri Allen (O. Lake, R. Workman, A. Cyrille, G.Allen) Intakt CD 187 / Switzerland)   


S. Kjaergaard, B. Street, Andrew Cyrille, ILK 181CD / Denmark)

Open Opus

Soren Kjaergaard, Ben Street, Andrew Cyrille, ILK 181CD / Denmark)

Opus De Life

Profound Sound Trio, Andrew Cyrille, Paul Dunmall-Ten Sax, Henry Grimes, Porter Records PRCD 4032

Sacred Ground

D. Murray, C. Wilson, A. Cyrille, L. Gilchrist, R. Drummond, Justin Time, Just CD204-2 / Canada)

At This Time

TRIO 3+Geri Allen (Cyrille/Workman/Lake) Intakt CD 162 / Switzerland)

Berne Concert

TRIO 3+ Irene Schweizer (Workman/Lake/Cyrille), Intakt CD 150 (Switzerland)

Wha’s Nine

TRIO 3, Oliver Lake, Reggie Workman, Andrew Cyrille, Marge CD 40 (F40 (France)


Soren Kjaergaard, Ben Street, Andrew Cyrille ILK CD 140 / Denmark)

The Contact

Andrew Cyrille/Armando Battiston-Pn. (DUO) Splasch CDH1510.2 / Italy)

Low Blue Flame

Andrew Cyrille/Greg Osby (DUO) Tum CD 016 (Finland)

Witch’s Scream

John Tchicai w/Andrew Cyrille, Reggie Workman, Tum CD 014 

Duo Palindrome Vol. 1

A.Braxton/Andrew Cyrille Intakt CD 088 / Switzerland 2002)

Time Being

TRIO 3, Cyrille/Workman/Lake Intakt CD 106 (Switzerland)


Juhani Aaltonen, Andrew  Cyrille, Reggie Workman - Tum CD 007 (Finland)

Expansion / Full Blown Trio

Dave Burrell, Andrew Cyrille, W.Parker -  High Two CD  HT001

Live At Banlieues Bleues / Cosmosamatics

S.Simmons, M.Marcus, T.Mateen, Andrew Cyrille, Bleu Regard CT 1963 / France)
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